Thursday, 21 August 2008

[New Tool] OllySocketTrace

OllySocketTrace is a plugin for OllyDbg to trace the socket operations being performed by a process. It will record all buffers being sent and received. All parameters as well as return values are recorded and the trace is highlighted with a unique color for each socket being traced.

The socket operations currently supported are: WSASocket, WSAAccept, WSAConnect, WSARecv, WSARecvFrom, WSASend, WSASendTo, WSAAsyncSelect, WSAEventSelect, WSACloseEvent, listen, ioctlsocket, connect, bind, accept, socket, closesocket, shutdown, recv, recvfrom, send and sendto.



You can download OllySocketTrace from here:

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

New Services

We are soon to be offering several new services, including:

Malware Analysis
This service offers detailed malware reports and customised solutions for malware outbreaks.

Vulnerability Discovery
This service offers to discover critical vulnerabilities in your software products.

Exploit Development
This service offers the development of reliable proof of concept exploits for software vulnerabilities.

Please contact us for further information.